Pre and Post Surgery Instructions

Here, we are listing important instructions and guidelines about the hair transplant surgery. By going through the following instructions related to hair transplantation, you can plan your pre-procedure and post-procedure activities in the appropriate way.

Pre Surgery Instructions

Two Weeks before Hair Transplant Surgery:
Avoid wearing T-shirts, other thermal under garments that need to wear from head. Wear regular shirts at the time of hair Transplant.
Avoid taking blood thinning medications like aspirin for a few days before if possible. Take a Ceftum* 500mg tablet in morning and evening daily (Or as advised by the doctor) 3 days prior to HT process. 
( Please consult your HT surgeon for confirmation as the instructions may vary from each doctor).
If your hair/scalp is dandruff prone, then it is advisable to take KZ*/ Arcolane*/Scalp shampoo*/ Betadine Surgical Scrub*/ daily 3 days prior to the hair transplant. (Please consult your HT surgeon for confirmation as the instructions may vary from each doctor)
Please feel free to share any medical problems with your doctor in advance to avoid any hassle during the surgery process. Also avoid any kind of exertion and be relaxed, take proper sleep at least one day before the surgery.
Stop taking Minoxidil, Finasteride at least 2-3 weeks before going for hair loss treatment.
If you opt Body Hair Transplant (BHT), it is advisable to shave the possible body donor area (chest, pubic, armpit, back or thighs) hairs exactly 4 days prior of your procedure date.
Do not come to clinic empty stomach. Have healthy, digestible breakfast or lunch before the procedure. Avoid spicy food.
At least one relative/friend is recommended to accompany the patient
It is strongly recommended to exercise your scalp skin. This can be done by sliding your skin up and down on the back and side of the head by holding it with the palms of the hands 50 times a day. This will increase its blood supply which help in improving the quality of linear scar in strip procedure.
It is advisable, not to carry valuables like gold etc to the clinic
Shampoo your hairs properly before coming for the procedure. Rinse hairs thoroughly and use a clean towel to dry your hair. Strict NO to oil, sprays or gels to your hair before surgery. If you wear a wig, please make sure it is removed prior to your morning shower and not replaced before your procedure. Wear cap after shampoo to keep the hair free of dust.
Some tests such as Blood tests ( HB%, RBS, CT, HBsAg, HIV-Elisa, BT, LFT, Australia Antigen and ECG) need to be done 2 days prior to the hair transplant surgery and shared with respective doctors personally.
Health Line Clinics smoking
Avoid Smoking/Alcohol/Gutka etc few days before and after hair transplant.
It is strictly advised, not to drive back home on the day of your procedure as you may be receiving medications during the procedure that can make you drowsy.
Get your hair colored black if you have gray hairs if possible for surgical convenience before 2 days of procedure. OR just inform us and come early to the clinic to get it done prior to the procedure.